Divorce in January 2016? Yep – it’s possible

As a DuPage County uncontested divorce lawyer, I appreciate how fast people can get an uncontested divorce in DuPage County. It can truly be quick, and affordable. But sometimes people don’t realize how quick it can be. If you want to start an uncontested divorce in DuPage, check out this article.

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Divorce: Faster than you might think

In my experience as a divorce lawyer, DuPage counties is one of the fastest counties in which a person can get divorced.

I help many people get an uncontested divorce in Du Page County. Whether you live in Downer’s Grove, Oak Brook, Elmhurst or Naperville, if you want a divorce in Du Page County you be going to court in Wheaton.

Who can get divorce in Du Page County?

Because Du Page County divorce by agreement can be so quick, people who have a choice of the county in which their divorce is handled would be wise to choose Du Page County.

But that begs the question: Who can get divorced in DuPage County?

The following requirements must be met:

  1. Residency in Illinois:One of the spouses – either one – must have lived in Illinois for at least 90 day continuously proceeding the filing of the petition for dissolution
  2. Residency in DuPage County: One of the spouses – ether one-  must live in DuPage County
  3. Waiting period: There is a waiting period between the time both spouses begin living “separate and apart'” and the time the divorce is finalized in court. But know this: you can be considered “separate and apart” even if you are living in the same residence – it just has to be as roommates, not as a married couple.

Get started quickly

I can help you get divorce quickly because I try to make the process as efficient as possible.

Some lawyers like to waste a lot of time scheduling meetings. But that would take too much of your time, and too much of mine, and would raise the cost of the divorce.

While I do offer consultations on the phone, I don’t wast a lot of time having people in my office. Do you know why most lawyers like to have people visit their office? It’s simply because they think they have a better chance of signing up clients that way.  After all, lawyers don’t usually sit and meet with people when they don’t think they will get anything from it.

Long story short, instead of doing a big song and dance and trying to impress you with my well-appointed office, I’d prefer to get down to business. And that means getting started on your uncontested divorce as quickly as we can.

Uncontested divorce for a flat fee

Another way I help clients get divorced quickly is that I charge a flat fee for my uncontested divorce services. And I try to make it affordable. Let’s face it – no one wants to hire a lawyer. But when I offer a flat fee for an uncontested divorce, many people find that having the help of divorce lawyer in DuPage county can be well within reach.

5 Tips for Fast Divorce in DuPage County

“How do I get a quick divorce in Illinois?”

The good news about a DuPage County divorce is that it can be very fast.  But how do you make it as fast as possible?

I wrote this article to answer that question.

It doesn’t matter if the person is from Chicago, or the Illinois counties of Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry or Will. Everyone seems to want a quick and affordable divorce.

And that makes sense. That’s why I put together this list of Tips for Quick Divorce in Illinois.

Tip #1: Make sure spouse agrees

Many times people say they are in agreement, but have barely spoken to their spouse. I think what they are doing is imaging a sort of prospective agreement they think is reasonable.

But keep in mind, an uncontested divorce is one by agreement. So the first step is actually getting some sort of agreement with your spouse. You won’t know absolutely all the detail you need until you contact a lawyer, but if you can’t come to basic agreement on how to divide property and debt, then it might be the case that an uncontested divorce is not in your future.

I also handle contested divorce, and litigation. I can take a case to trial – but an uncontested divorce will be much more quick and less stressful

Tip #2: Hire a lawyer

Technically, it is possible to get divorced without a lawyer. But before you decide to do that, consider what often happens to those who try to go it alone.

  1. Process: When getting divorced, there are certain procedures that must be followed. Many times people who try to represent themselves find the procedure is very confusing. They waste trips to court, take too much time off work dealing with nonsense, and so forth.
  2. Kids: Often, people don’t understand how the future will play out, and a self-drafted parenting agreement will result in problems down the line.
  3. Child support: People are often rightfully concerned about child support. If you don’t properly handle child support provisions, your agreement might not protect your interests as you thought.
  4. Property: Particularly when a divorce involves as house, people screw up. I have numerous cases where people tried to properly handle a house themselves – only to have to hire me years later to clean up the mess.

BEWARE: Many of the divorce websites are not even run by lawyers. The users simply input information into a website, and a settlement agreement pops out.  The problem is that the website cannot possible ask the questions a lawyer would ask, and cannot spot problems like a lawyer would spot. Websites don’t think – they just spit out information.

Tip #3:  Inventory your assets and debt

With few exceptions, everything acquired during a marriage is marital property.

Do you think that just because one person’s name is on a bank account that account is only that one person’s? Not true.

It’s almost wholly irrelevant if the property is titled only to one person.  Why? Because, as I stated just above, “With few exceptions, everything acquired during a marriage is marital property.”

Tip #4:  Details necessary for kids

If you have kids, and want an uncontested divorce, you might think you don’t need detail in a parenting agreement. Many clients tell me “We’ll just work it out.”

That’s a bad idea. First, judges won’t approve an uber-ambiguous parenting agreement. Second, even if they did, it will lead to problems as live moves on for both of you. People move, get remarried . . . who knows. If you get specific, you will have the framework necessary to address future concerns.

As a lawyer, I would help you draft a parenting agreement that would help keep you out of court.

Tip #5: Your family and friends are bad fake lawyers

It’s almost always a complete waste of time when prospective clients call me and start talking about what their friends and family told them about divorce. Once happened to one couple may not happen to you, for many reasons: you are different, your spouse is different, laws change, judges are different, etc.

Instead of using other people as lawyers, you should get your own.

Because I represent clients for a flat fee for an uncontested divorce in DuPage County, hiring a lawyer can be very productive, and affordable.

How long does a divorce take in DuPage County, Illinois?

Many of the divorces I handle in DuPage County take less thane one month from start to finish. But exactly how long yours takes depends on how fast you and your spouse move, the court’s schedule, and other factors.

Uncontested Divorce: 5 Myths

Uncontested divorce in DuPage County, Illinois can be quick. As an lawyer offering affordable representation for uncontested divorces in Illinois, I get a lot of calls from people who hear things from friends and family, and lawyers who don’t practice in family law. That’s why I wanted to put together this list of the 5 myths of uncontested divorce.

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FAQ for Uncontested Divorce

A DuPage County uncontested divorce can be more simple than you thin. If you are ready to get started now, contact me at 312-554-5433 or online.  Or check out this FAQ for uncontested divorce.

What’s an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is where spouses agree on every aspect of the divorce.  In an Illinois divorce, even seemingly small issues can result in litigation. But with an uncontested divorce, you can avoid that – and the expense and pain that goes along with it.

What if my divorce becomes contested?

If you think the divorce will be amicable, then someone chooses to disagree and fight, then it is still possible to eventually settle, or at least settle on certain aspects of the divorce. However, if you are fighting in court the divorce is not uncontested.

How long does an uncontested divorce take:

The fastest I’ve ever helped someone get divorced – from the day they called me to the day the divorce was finalized – was two and ahalf weeks in DuPage County. But how long it takes you to get divorce depends largely upon how fast you are your spouse review, sign, and deliver the documents I’ve prepared. And it also depends on the court’s schedule.

Do you offer flat fees?

I do. The flat fee for an uncontested divorce does vary, however. For example, if you have kids, own real estate, and own a business, more work is required, and the flat fee is higher. But even though I offer a flat fee, I still provide counseling to my clients – unlike some uncontested divorce lawyers who don’t provide any counseling in flat fee arrangements.

Can both people use the same lawyer?

It’s possible, but not a good idea – really, no lawyer should do it. As a lawyer, I give my client advice. I will only give advice to my client. I cannot give advice to two sides in the same case. That would create a conflict.

Starting a divorce in DuPage County

You can contact me at 312-554-5433 or online. You don’t need to know all the steps to getting a divorce – I take care of that for you.


DuPage County Divorce Lawyer: Don’t divorce without one

People often ask can I get divorced without a lawyer? Well, it’s certainly possible. But I don’t think it’s a good idea.

It would be much better to get an uncontested divorce with a lawyer.

To see how quick and affordable an DuPage county uncontested divorce can be, contact me at 312-554-5433 or online.

And check out some of the problems with a divorce without a lawyer.

Screwing up the procedure

When dealing with the court, certain procedure must be followed. If it is not, you will not be successful. A divorce is not a one day thing. This poses a problem for many people. First, the process can be difficult to understand. Second, even if the prices is figure it out it can be hard to make time to get to court to handle it. Then, if there are mistakes made, problems are compounded.

Screwing up the substance

Many people want to get divorced without a lawyer in Illinois because they think they don’t need one. It makes me think of that old saying, you don’t know what you don’t know. [continue reading…]

Avoid Fighting in Court with DuPage County Uncontested Divorce

If you want a quick, affordable divorce and be represented by a lawyer, contact me at 312-554-5433 or online. My goal will be to help you avoid fighting in court. Trust me – an uncontested divorce is DuPage County is the best way to get out of your marriage.

Why does divorce litigation occur?

People often think they will be able to convince a judge to see things a certain way.

However, fighting in court often has little impact on the outcome of a case.

Unless something shocking occurs at trial, the outcome of trial is largely predictable. However, people often think they have the ability to greatly influence the outcome of a trial. That’s why trials happen.

People think court is a place to right the wrongs suffered during the marriage. But they would be wrong. Court is where judges with very heavy caseloads do their best to dispose of cases efficiently and according to the law.

Uncontested divorce helps save money

When you get an uncontested divorce, you get divorced according to terms you agree upon. Will you get everything you want? No. But do you have a good chance of being better off than if you litigated the case? Yes.

Before you decide to litigate, you should consider whether the cost of litigation is worth it. Litigation often takes more time and money than people expect.

Find a DuPage County uncontested divorce lawyer

You can contact me at 312-554-5433 or online. We can chat on the phone and I can learn a bit out your case. Once you retain me for an affordable flat fee, I expect your divorce to occur smoothly where you only have to appear in court once.



Can I get a divorce in DuPage County?

As a DuPage county divorce lawyer who offers uncontested divorce services for a flat fee, people ask me “Can I file for divorce in DuPage County?”

The answer? It depends. Check out the below requirements for getting divorced in DuPage County. You need to worry about a couple different waiting periods, and residency.

If you are ready to get a DuPage divorce lawyer now; contact me at 312-554-5433 or online.

One person must live in DuPage County, Illinois

The most basic requirement for getting an divorced in DuPage County is that either you or your spouse must be a residence of DuPage County for 90 days continuously proceeding you filing for divorce.

That means you can file for divorce in DuPage County even if you don’t live there – so long as your spouse does. Or vice versa. [continue reading…]

DuPage County Uncontested Divorce: Start to Finish

People call me and ask how to get a divorce in DuPage County. I can explain it, but sometimes it can be hard to follow on the phone. Below is a brief overview of the process involved for people who want an uncontested divorce in DuPage County. The overview assumes you and your spouse agree to everything.

If you want a DuPage divorce lawyer, contact me at 312-554-5433. or online.

Process for DuPage County Uncontested Divorce

Below is a very brief explanation of the uncontested divorce process I use in DuPage County. It’s the same whether you in Elmhurst, Downer’s Grove, Aurora, Wheaton, or Naperville. For a more detailed explanation, check out “FAQ on DuPage County uncontested divorce,” and you should probably read my article “How NOT to start a DuPage County Divorce: “Online Divorce” documents.[continue reading…]

Does cheating matter in uncontested divorce?

Does cheating matter for uncontested divorce in DuPage County?


If you have been cheated on, that’s too bad. But the best thing to do may be to move on as quickly as possible.

If you want to move on with life, contact me at 312-554-5433. or online.

Cheating and impact on the divorce “waiting period”

If you want to file for divorce in Illinois, you have to be a resident in Illinois for the 90 days proceeding filing for divorce.

But aside from the 90 day “waiting period” to file, there is possibly another waiting period that has to be completed. [continue reading…]