FAQ on DuPage County uncontested divorce

Please see the below frequently answer questions regarding DuPage County uncontested divorce.

Where is divorce court:

The DuPage County Courthouse is at  505 N County Farm Rd, Wheaton, Illinois. If you file in DuPage County, your divorce will be heard there.

How many times do I have to go to court:

I have never had a client that has been required to go to court more than once for an uncontested divorce.  In such a case, the petitioner (my client) has to appear in court for the “prove up” – where the divorce is finalized. If the prove-up goes off without a hitch, that is my client’s only trip to court. I have never had a prove-up that failed to occur. That’s one of the good things about DuPage County uncontested divorce.

How often do I have to meet my lawyer:

With the process I use, the only time you need to meet me is when the divorce is finalized, at the “prove up.” There is no reason to spend time driving around and having meetings when you could be working or spending time with your kids. I’m happy to communicate electronically with my clients in order to save everyone’s time. Let me stress this: getting an uncontested divorce in DuPage County does not have to be all-consuming.

I serve clients in all parts of DuPage County, including Naperville, Elmhurst, Downers Grove, Aurora, and Wheaton. You might want to check out my article “Napverville Uncontested Divorce Lawyer: Flat fee, quick” – what I say in that article about Naperville pretty much holds true for everywhere else in DuPage County.

Is there a flat fee for an uncontested divorce:

I do offer flat fees for an uncontested divorce. The flat fees vary. For example, if you have no kids or real estate your flat fee would be different than for someone who has kids and owns three rental properties – the work required is different.  However, whatever your flat fee is, there is a significant chance that paying a flat fee is better than paying a lawyer several hundred dollars per hour to work on your case. Check out my article, “Affordable, quick, flat fee divorce.”

Can I file for divorce in Illinois:

To file for divorce in Illinois, you have to have been living in Illinois for at least 90 continuously preceding the filing the case. Temporary absences do not cause a break in the 90 day period – you can go on vacation, etc. Further, if you are active duty military and stationed elsewhere while keeping Illinois as your state of residence, or you have been transferred out-of-state for work but are coming back, you may still be considered a resident of Illinois.

Can we use the same lawyer?

If you can find a lawyer that would be foolish enough to represent both spouses in a divorce, you should run the other way immediately. While I help many clients get divorced as amicably as possible, I will not represent both spouses. The problem is that if a lawyer represents both parties then any advice given to one spouse mus be given to the other – so what happens if the spouses start fighting and the case is no longer uncontested? It’s a disaster.

Can I get an online divorce?

In Illinois, you have to actually appear in court to get divorced. Many people ask me about an “online divorce.” The term comes from websites that prepare documents. That can be dangerous. See my article, “Online divorce? Think divorce deja vu.”