Affordable, quick, flat fee divorce

As a DuPage County divorce lawyer, I help with amicable, quick and affordable divorces. Avoiding fighting. Avoid huge lawyer bills.

DuPage County: quick divorce

In DuPage County, lawyers can file cases electronically. That speeds everything up. One DuPage divorce I handled was completed in under one month.

Simple divorce process

With the simple process I use, my clients and I exchange documents and information electronically. Further, they only have to go to court once – at the very end.

Flat fee uncontested divorce

Want a flat fee for your divorce?  I offer those. It varies based on a few factors. No kids or real estate? That’s cheaper. Have kids and three rental properties? That’s a bit more.  Either way, you get predictability and affordability with my flat fee divorce services.

Getting started

You can contact me online or call three-one-two-554-5433.

About the author: David Wolkowitz is an uncontested divorce lawyer in DuPage County, Illinois. He makes uncontested divorce quick and affordable by using a streamlined process and offering flat-fee representation. DuPage County divorce court is located in Wheaton, Illinois.