Flat fee divorce in DuPage County, Illinois

Do you want a flat fee divorce DuPage County? Then there’s one main thing you need to know : You need to be in full agreement with your spouse on all terms of the divorce. In other words, you need to get an uncontested divorce. Even though I handle complex divorce litigation, I do represent people in DuPage County for a flat fee when they get an uncontested divorce. Why? Read on.

Uncontested divorce can be fast

In an uncontested divorce, both people agree on all issues of the divorce. in other words, they agree on how to divide all the assets and debts, what to do with the kids, and what to do with payments like child support and spousal maintenance.

Because an uncontested divorce is fast, I can offer a flat fee. Most people don’t know that they can hire lawyers for a flat fee. But you can.

Uncontested divorces predictable

In an uncontested divorce, there is a certain amount of work that needs to be done. That allows me to offer a flat fee. Often times, I litigate cases and DuPage County and bill clients by the hour – but that gets very expensive.

But in an uncontested divorce, I don’t need to do that. That’s because I know how much work there’s going to be. It works out great for both myself, and my clients.

You should enjoy the predictability of an uncontested divorce in DuPage county, Illinois.

Avoid mistakes by using a flat fee divorce lawyer

A lot of people think they can use scammy divorce websites to get divorced paperwork. Have you ever looked up who owns those websites? I tried to once, and it was infuriating. One popular website is owned by a Delaware corporation, and that corporation is owned by some Indian holding company. That website also asked for a bunch of personal information.

Do you want to give a bunch of your personal information to some Indian company whose identity you can’t even genuinely determine? I don’t think so. Do you think whomever created that website actually knows anything about divorce law? Certainly not!

But even beyond the risk of identity theft, those moronic websites cannot give you any advice and don’t really know anything. All they do is take your input and stick it into a form.

News flash: If you want forms, you can go to the law library and get forms for free.

When you use an uncontested divorce lawyer, you get expertise. I often answer questions for my clients, even for a flat fee. And when my clients tell me what their situation is, I use my many years of expertise to craft solutions for them that help them avoid problems in the future.

If you use one of those scam websites to generate your marital settlement agreement, you might find yourself going back to court years later. That’s what happens when you use a website to create your divorce documents. Garbage in, garbage out. Don’t do it.

Use a flat fee divorce lawyer in DuPage County, Illinois. Give me a call, and before you know it you we’ll meet at the courthouse in Wheaton.