Divorce in January 2016? Yep – it’s possible

As a DuPage County uncontested divorce lawyer, I appreciate how fast people can get an uncontested divorce in DuPage County. It can truly be quick, and affordable. But sometimes people don’t realize how quick it can be. If you want to start an uncontested divorce in DuPage, check out this article.

People can get divorced in January even if they don’t start the process until Thanksgiving.

If spouses are in agreement on all aspects of their divorce, a divorce can be relatively quick and affordable. A divorce by agreement is often referred to as an “uncontested divorce” in Illinois.

January is the most popular month in which to get divorced – and there’s good reason for that.

For spouses that are unhappy, holiday stress can be too much to bear. If that’s you, then divorce can’t happen fast enough.

I think that people who want an uncontested divorce in Illinois can often increase their happiness by getting divorce during January.  Postponing the inevitable divorce is unlikely to create more happiness. The new year can be a fresh start with an uncontested divorce in Illinois.

An uncontested divorce in Illinois is one where couples agree on all aspects of the divorce. Agreement is what makes uncontested divorce the quickest and most affordable way to get divorced in Illinois.

Sometimes people know that want a fast an cheap divorce, but they don’t know how to get started. If that’s you, you might want to check out my article “5 Tips for Fast Divorce in DuPage County.”

Even though I can understand being in a rush to get divorced, I always caution people not to be victimized by those online divorce websites.¬†The documents those shady websites produce are often highly flawed and big-time divorce nightmares. To me, it seems many of the owners of those websites are practicing law without a license – and that’s illegal.


About the author: David Wolkowitz is an uncontested divorce lawyer in DuPage County, Illinois. He makes uncontested divorce quick and affordable by using a streamlined process and offering flat-fee representation. DuPage County divorce court is located in Wheaton, Illinois.