5 Tips: Cheap DuPage County Divorce

If you want a cheap divorce, then I think you’ve come to the right place. Why? I’m a DuPage County uncontested divorce lawyer and I know that people what a fast and cheap DuPage County uncontested divorce – but they want it done right.

If you’re tempted to use a “divorce website” – don’t. Those aren’t cheap – they’re expensive. You will waste time having the website spit out garbage that could harm your life for years to come.

So if you really want a cheap DuPage County divorce, see these 5 tips

Tip 1: Think about what you want from your divorce

Before talking to your husband or wife, you need to think about what you want from a divorce. That means thinking about how to divide assets and debts, where both of you will live, and what you will do with the kids (if you have them).

The reason this step is important is because you should know what you want before talking with your spouse in detail. If you don’t, you may talk to your spouse, make promises, and then want to take back those promises once you think about the impact they will have on your life. Guess what? That won’t be well-received.

The way to determine what you want from your divorce is to understand two things:

  1. What is possible
  2. What you want out of what is possible

As an uncontested divorce lawyer, I can provide a brief paid consultation to help people understand the laws regarding divorce in DuPage County. I don’t offer free consultations because supposed “free” consultations are, in my opinion, simply a lawyer marketing tool and leave prospective clients will almost nothing to work with.

Tip 2: Determine if your spouse agrees to divorce

You may know that when getting a divorce in Illinois it is necessary to agree on the division of assets and debts, and kids.

But let me give you an example of the phone calls I get on a regular basis.

[phone rings]

Me: Hello, this is the Wolkowitz Law Office.
Caller: Are you a divorce lawyer?
Me: Yes, how can I help you.
Caller: I want a divorce.
Me: Okay, if your divorce is uncontested – that mean’s agreed to by both of you – then I can offer you an affordable flat fee for a quick and affordable divorce in DuPage County.
Caller: Ok
Me: Is your divorce uncontested?
Caller: Yes. How much is the flat fee?
Me: So you’ve spoken to your spouse about the divorce, and how to divide everything.
Caller: No.
Me: So then you don’t know if your spouse is in agreement, right?
Caller: I haven’t  talked to her about it.
Me: Then you are not in agreement so you are not ready to start an uncontested divorce.

So you get the point. Believe me, I can understand why people want an uncontested divorce for an affordable flat fee. But don’t jump the gun – make sure you spouse agrees to the concept of a divorce before you think you can get an uncontested divorce in DuPage County.

Tip 3: Take stock of assets and debts

Divorce is about splitting up assets and debts.

Marital assets and debts are those which were acquired during the marriage – aside from gifts and inheritances. Marital assets and debts are divided during a divorce. I doesn’t matter whose name is on something, if it was acquired during the marriage, then it’s marital property subject to division during a divorce (unless it was an gift or inheritance, as mentioned).

Non-marital assets and debts are not subject to being split in a divorce. For example, if you had a bank account with $100 in it prior to your marriage, and kept only your name on that account and never mixed it with money acquired during the marriage, then that account would be non-marital. That account would then remind your account after the divorce.

For an uncontested divorce you will need to take an inventory of assets and debts and assign all of them to either yourself or your spouse. Included things like bank accounts, retirement accounts (like IRAs, pensions, and 401ks).

Tip 4: Agree on EVERYTHING

Here’s the thing about an uncontested divorce. You have to agree on everything. That means all division of assets, debts, what to do with the house, who will move out when, who will get he dog, what to do with the kids, how the kids will get health insurance, etc.

If you don’t agree on everything, then your divorce cannot proceed as uncontested for a flat fee. Disagreement about only one thing can hold up a divorce and create an acrimonious situation. It’s best to avoid that if you want a quick and affordable divorce in DuPage County.

Tip 5: Hire a DuPage County divorce lawyer

Even if you want an uncontested divorce, it still makes sense to hire an divorce lawyer for your quick and affordable divorce in DuPage County, Illinois.

If you do not hire a divorce lawyer, you risk the following:

  1. Thinking about the case too much
  2. Being confused about what to file
  3. Going to court to get paperwork
  4. Drafting an agreement that is incomplete and leaves you unprotected
  5. Trying to finalize your divorce in court, then being sent home because something went wrong
  6. Getting scammed by a so-called “divorce website” that will ask for sensitive personal information and spit out garbage that I would never file in court

Divorce Haiku

Why write a divorce haiku? I don’t know – it’s just something I’m starting.

This haiku is titled “Essence of Uncontested Divorce.”

Marriage is over.
Want out of it now – quick, cheap.
Uncontested? Yes!


About the author: David Wolkowitz is an uncontested divorce lawyer in DuPage County, Illinois. He makes uncontested divorce quick and affordable by using a streamlined process and offering flat-fee representation. DuPage County divorce court is located in Wheaton, Illinois.