FAQ: Convincing Spouse to Get an Uncontested Divorce

“How do I get an uncontested divorce,” people ask. As a DuPage County uncontested divorce lawyer, there’s no shortage of people calling me for a quick and affordable uncontested divorce.

Sometimes, however, one person is ready for an uncontested divorce – and the other isn’t. In those situations, there are a few things that can be done to move towards an fast an affordable uncontested divorce in DuPage County.

How can I explain the difference?

Sometime people don’t agree to an uncontested divorce just because they don’t understand the true differences between uncontested and contested divorce.

If you find yourself in that situation, consider the following attributes of the two approaches to divorce.

  1. Uncontested divorce: fast, affordable, not too stressful
  2. Contested divorce: lengthy, possibly very expensive, stressful for adults and kids

Sometimes it’s cost that is most persuasive to people. Let me put this in terms I hope anyone can understand: It is quite possible that an entire uncontested divorce would cost less than handle even a small issue in a contested divorce.

How can we get to agreement?

Sometimes both parties know that a DuPage County uncontested divorce can be quick and affordable – but they can’t quite reach an agreement.

Sometimes people call me and want me to convince the other party to agree. But that doesn’t work out so well.

Sometimes divorce mediation works if people want an uncontested divorce but can’t quite get to an agreement on their own.

A lawyer can only work for one person, but a DuPage County divorce mediator can act as as neutral and help both people reach an agreement. And that can lead to an uncontested divorce. If you want to learn more about that, you might want to check out this article I wrote about how divorce mediation an lead to an affordable uncontested divorce.

Can we agree to anything we want?

Sometimes when people want an uncontested divorce in DuPage County – but can’t quite get to agreement – they come up with very creative solutions.

One thing people need to know is that very “creative” agreements are sometimes not acceptable. How’s that? It’s likely one of the below reasons:

  1. Unintended consequences: I’ve found that there are often unintended consequences present when people come up with legal agreements on their own.
  2. Unacceptable to judges: Judges don’t have to allow a divorce to proceed if they do not approve of a settlement reached by the parties.

What if I need more information?

There are times when even an uncontested divorce can seem complicated. DuPage County uncontested divorce is as legal process – and it should be handled properly.

Even though an uncontested divorce in can be fast an affordable, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require thought – and planning.

There are times when a brief an focused consultation might help. But to be frank, a “free divorce consultation” is normally useless. If you are interested in a brief consultation to figure out how to handle an uncontested divorce, check out About the author: David Wolkowitz is an uncontested divorce lawyer in DuPage County, Illinois. He makes uncontested divorce quick and affordable by using a streamlined process and offering flat-fee representation. DuPage County divorce court is located in Wheaton, Illinois.