Best DuPage County Divorce Lawyer: Who? Where?

Want the best DuPage County divorce lawyer? You might be looking a long time.

Do you live in Naperville, Oak Brook, Elmhurst or Wheaton? Then you are surrounded by lawyers.

If you are interested in a divorce in DuPage County, check out my article titled, “DuPage County Uncontested Divorce Process.”

Also, here are some tips in finding the best lawyer for your in DuPage County.

Cost of divorce lawyer

Cost is important. Many people have a major problem affording the representation they need to protect their rights. But there

Personality fit

You need a lawyer that fits you, and your situation.

If you are unable to communicate with your Du Page County divorce lawyer, you’re case won’t go as well as it could.

On the other hand, you don’t want an attorney who just blows smoke to make you feel good – and to run up your bill.

Strategic thinking

Your lawyer should be a strategic thinker. Not just in court with your spouse on the stand. But also working up to a possible trial. Strategy can play a big role in collecting evidence, for example.


You can easily find a divorce lawyer by referral.

But is that the best way to find a lawyer?

What is the referral based on? Friendship? Quality work?

If you are referred to a lawyer by that lawyer’s past client, is that worth something? Maybe not. For example, if the person who referred you had a case dissimilar to yours, there may not be much reason to believe the lawyer will similarly handle your case.

Starting your divorce with a DuPage County divorce lawyer

The bottom line is that when choosing the best DuPage County divorce lawyer, you’ll need to consider your specific situation, are carefully weigh your options. Divorce and child custody cases are complicated, and can impact the rest of your life.
If you thinking about getting divorce in DuPage County, whether in Naperville, Downers Grove, Elmhurst, Wheaton or elsewhere, you can contact me to get started.

About the author: David Wolkowitz is an uncontested divorce lawyer in DuPage County, Illinois. He makes uncontested divorce quick and affordable by using a streamlined process and offering flat-fee representation. DuPage County divorce court is located in Wheaton, Illinois.