Child custody in uncontested divorce: divorce lawyer gives basics

Do you have children?  Want an uncontested divorce? Then child custody and visitation is important.

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What is child custody in uncontested divorce?

Many people believe there are two types of child custody in Illinois. Legal custody and physical custody. However that is no longer the case.

Some time ago, course used to grant legal custody and physical custody. Now, there is just legal custody, and visitation; the term “physical custody” is not longer something that a court grants.

What is legal custody?

Legal custody concerns the legal decision-making power regarding children. There are two types of legal custody.

  • Joint legal custody: Both parents share decision-making power. They should consult each other on major decisions and as outlined in a joint parenting agreement or judgment.
  • Sole legal custody: One parent has the decision-making power. The parent with sole legal custody can make decisions alone. The decision-making power can be limited by a parenting agreement or judgment.

The relationship between custody and visitation

What is the relationship between legal custody and visitation? Nothing. Here are some examples:

  • Joint custody: with uneven time sharing: Parents share joint legal custody, but the children might are with one parent 80 percent of time.
  • Sole custody: One parent has sole legal custody, but the parents could share almost equal time with the children.

Finding a lawyer

The bottom line is that when choosing the best DuPage County divorce lawyer, you’ll need to consider your specific situation, are carefully weigh your options. Divorce and child custody cases are complicated, and can impact the rest of your life.

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